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Make : Jumbo Aircraft
Model : Bimbo 85
Contact No : 0418220861+61
Price : $1000000 ('ono')
Currency : USD
VAT or GST included : Yes
Country : Australia
State : NSW
City : Sydney
Year Of Manufacture : 1985
Advertisment viewed : 65149 times
Seller : Private seller Aircraft for sale
Description : Jumbo Jet - currently our Managing Director's personal aircraft; was originally built for John Elliot of Fosters Brewery fame during the 1980's. Large capacity with plenty of trunk space - STOL capability with large floppy speed brakes but, no worries striking the odd boundary fence here and there. Very economical, runs on peanuts and a mixture of Kikuya grass & licorice. MTOW 14,000kg - Total Time 4,300 hours - cruise 540knots (even faster in vertical dives) - can also be used amphibiously. Powered by powerful methane gas production released from a single rear aperture/opening located immediatly below the tail - low decibel spurt sounds 'Warning, can be fatal if standing too close' Matching grey leather int/ext 9/10 with ivory features. This aircraft is unique and one of a kind - it can even wash itself if left by a lagoon for short periods. For more details please respond to the Managing Director Charles Pratten - Aircraft Online - before Richard Branson buys it for Virgin Atlantic.

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